Team Chip’s fav bloggers

Apart from this one, obvs.

Looking for something to read? You’re in the right place. There’s no shortage of brilliant people writing brilliant stuff about personal finance, and it can be tricky to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favourite blogs and bloggers. Get stuck in to this little lot.

Simon loves: Monevator

Self-dubbed as ‘motivation for armchair investors’, Monevator is a great blog with practical advice and wisdom on saving and investing. It’s written by a mysterious and enigmatic figure called ‘The Investor’. Even if you don’t invest, it’s still worth getting a good understanding of how the stock market works. This blog is a great place to start. Simon says: “anything I can do from an armchair works for me, including investing and reading about investing.” Nice.

Alex loves: The Fire Starter

The Fire Starter is a smart blogger, and a witty one. We don’t know their real name, or anything about them…all we know is that they have a plan to retire early. This blog is all about achieving financial independence, which is probably a bit too much of an extreme strategy for most of us. However, there’s a lot of sound saving and investing advice in there and it’s a very entertaining read. Alex says: “I’m going to retire at 30! Watch me.” You heard it here first folks. 🙄

Tali loves: Money Bulldog

This money blog is absolutely packed with information designed to increase you financial awareness. It’s written by a guy called Adam, along with a few other contributors, and they really know their stuff. They update the blog with new posts regularly, so it’s well worth subscribing to so that you don’t miss anything. Tali says: “I’ve found this blog really useful for a few different money goals…I wanted to get out of my overdraft and I have. I wanted to start investing and I’ve just done that, too.” Well done Tali. 👏👏👏

Annie loves: Miss Thrifty

I really like the chilled out style of this blog, and it’s a nice mix of money stuff and lifestyle reads. There are whole sections devoted to beauty and fashion, which is just brilliant, and the thrifty recipes are great too. Enjoy!