About Chip

Get your friends signed up to Chip: 4 top tips

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”

Immortality. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that, and you can’t argue with him. Everyone loves a legacy. Tacky quotes aside though, we can all agree that sharing is a lovely thing to do. If you’re enjoying Chip and it’s having a positive impact on your life, it’s time to invite your friends to come join in the fun. There’s a special kind of kudos for introducing people to their new favourite app. Plus, there’s only 2 weeks left for you both to claim the £10 cash bonus (after 30th June, it’s interest only!)

It could be the start of a beautiful bromance. 🙌

When you tell people about Chip, it’s good for you and it’s good for us. It’s good for you because you get an extra 1% interest on your savings, or a £10 cash bonus, for each friend that signs up. It’s good for us too – Chip is a new kid on the block and when you tell your friends about us, it helps to get the word out. So, thanks. We want to help make it easier for you to spread the word.

Let us do the talking

We’ve built a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger and does the talking for you. When you share Chip with your friend they get a text from you, which contains a link to this Messenger bot. It gives them everything they need to know about Chip and how it works. It also addresses any concerns they have about security. It’s pretty similar to the chat you had with Chip inside the app when you first signed up, but it all happens inside Facebook Messenger.


It looks like this.

Help them hit their goals

If you have any friends that are saving, chances are they’ll thank you for introducing them to Chip. Have they mentioned a dream holiday? Are they hoping to buy a house at some point? Are they getting married soon? If you know people who are trying to save money, and you think they could use a helping hand, tell them about Chip.

They need you.

Entertain them

Think of all those times you’ve been a bit bored and dying for someone to send you something new and cool to peruse. No one likes being distracted when they’re busy, but if you pick a good time to talk about Chip then your pal will be all ears. 10pm on a Monday, when they have one eye on Netflix and the other on their phone? Check. 1pm on a Tuesday when they’re chilling on their lunch break? Check.

Cheer them up with Chip. 🤗

Get them excited about the tech

Here’s a fact: people love GIFs. And they love bad puns. There’s no better way to demonstrate Chip than to, well, demonstrate it. You could take screenshots of your Chip chat, show them this video or even let them have a play (as long as you trust them not to do something wild, like withdraw all your savings). Here’s Alex and Annie’s intro to Chip to get you started.

Who could resist that.


So, you ready to do this? We believe in you. Follow our advice and you’ll have friends signing up left, right and centre. And remember: if either of you wants the £10 cash bonus, they have to open a Chip account and link their bank account by 30th June. Go get ’em 🐯